Call for papers (to be launched January, 15th 2022

Submission of abstracts for regular research sessions March, 31st 2022

First draft of research papers to be received  May, 3rd 2022

Selection of papers by the Scientific Committee  May, 27th 2022

Final versions of accepted papers June, 30th 2022

Early Registration and registration deadline for presenting authors Before June, 15th 2022

Registration closed August, 10th 2022




The 2022 Wolpertinger Annual Conference will take place at CUNEF, Madrid, Spain, on August 31st - 3rd September. This Annual Conference, which is organized by the 'Wolpertinger Club’, an association of university academics, is a great opportunity to discuss their research, exchange ideas and develop ways to co-operate in the research and teaching of banking, financial institutions and the economics of financial systems. This international meeting will bring together academics with a common interest in the economics of financial systems and financial institutions.

The Wolpertinger 2022 scientific program will foster discussions on the current debate with the goal to spur collaboration within and across disciplines for the advancement of this field of applied research. Research papers will be discussed at the parallel sessions, while two keynote sessions will address the most relevant topics for financial systems.

The academic discussion will take place in a unique setting, offering the possibility to get to know the thriving city of Madrid to all participants in the conference.













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